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пока что читаю про BSFF ...

Any time you feel uncomfortable or feel your life is not moving in a positive direction, you have what we call a problem. And almost any problem can be treated and eliminated using [BSFF]
Not every problem is Psychological Reversal, but PR is treated as a problem.

Sets of problems that occur together are called issues. Problems rarely occur by themselves. They are usually part of a larger issue.

Underlying beliefs
Underneath every problem or issue is a set of beliefs. The beliefs can include many elements such as
- How you think of yourself
- How you perceive your place in the world
- How you are expected to react to external events
- What you can expect from other people, from life or from the world
- The way the world works
- How the world reacts to you
Beliefs can be complex. For example, the belief "I am not capable" can be combined with "If I try to do something, I am bound to fail" and/or "No matter what I do, people will think I'm stupid." So the beliefs can contain expected actions and reactions.
The underlying belief system in each problem essentially says to your subconscious, "You will validate this belief by creating certain experiences for me." Whenever a triggering situation occurs, either internally or externally, your subconsciousness ("your faithful servant") immediately recreates the problem, i.e., the uncomfortable feelings or personal limitations...
In BSFF, each underlying belief is also considered a problem that can be treated with our simple method.

Two Kinds of Statements
1. Statements that, either conschiously or unconsciously, you probably believe that are true, but that it would be beneficial to no longer believe are true. Negative statements, such as I can't do anything right, are in this category.
2. Statements that, either consciously or unconsciously, you probably do not believe are true, but that it would be beneficial to believe are true. Positive statements, such as I like myself, are in this category.

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